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The Ministries of Covenant Church International are a vital part of the ministry. They assist in carrying out the vision, mission, and purpose of the Covenant Church International. Each ministry’s pursuit is to function at a high level of excellence that is productive and successfully ministers to those involved in the ministry. The following are brief descriptions of the ministries of Covenant Church International:

Children’s – Covenant Kids

Covenant Kids ministry teaches and nurtures children ages 2 thru 11 in an active learning environment. We believe the future of the church depends on effective ministry to children today. Therefore, the goal of Covenant Kids is to reach out to our children and draw them into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus Christ and with their church; and to train, resource, and support those who minister to them. We are preparing our children for life and eternity; therefore, we adhere to high spiritual, educational, and social standards as set forth in God’s Word. Covenant Kids programming uses a wide variety of resources such as games, science, puppet shows, drama, snacks and crafts to articulate the Word of God to children on their level of understanding. This ministry is provided every Sunday except the 1st Sunday of the month.



Youth Connect

Youth Connect is an innovative ministry that shapes the lives of teens and helps them to learn how to use the Word of God in their everyday lives and connecting with them in an appropriate way, so they understand that God is relevant to them today. Youth Connect focuses on teaching biblical truths and exposing how the socially-accepted norms of most teenagers are in conflict with God’s Word. The lessons are thought-provoking and relevant. The goal is that every teen will be educated spiritually and empowered with the wisdom of God to make the right choices in life. It is in this ministry that Covenant Church International is developing the leaders of tomorrow. 


Singles – Successful Victorious Singles

Successful Victorious Singles is designed to provide a ministry to single adults who foster individual wholeness through a relationship with God and openness with each other. The goal of this ministry is to help singles grow personally and spiritually, to share God's gifts through service, to interconnect with other singles and to celebrate life with others. We desire to help develop and encourage Christian singles’ understanding of their unique position to wholeheartedly devote their time and energy to God and to create a safe place for Single adults to dialogue about common struggles and accomplishments.


Marriage – Lovers for Life

At Covenant Church International we want the marriages of our members to be strong and healthy. Lovers for Life ministry is designed to minister to the married and engaged couples through martial and pre-marital counseling, accountability partnerships with other couples and our quarterly fellowships and outings. One of the highlights of the Lovers for Life ministry is the marriage checkups held twice a year where our Pastor and First Lady help the couples to assess the health of their marriage and then provide the appropriate ministry to them. Lovers for Life is led by Minister Stanley & Deacon Loraine Kindall.


Men’s – I.S.I. (Iron Sharpens Iron) 

I.S.I. helps men to develop healthy and trustworthy relationships with other men through fellowship and real life discussions about topics or issues that relate to them as men. I.S.I. challenges the men of Covenant Church International to be men of integrity, the spiritual leaders of their homes, to be mentors of other young men, to be successful in the marketplace and to reach their full potential in Christ. This ministry also conducts a “Rite of Passage” for the youth when they turn thirteen to call them into manhood. I.S.I. is led by our own senior pastor, Dr. P. Ronald Wilder.


Women’s – God’s Lovely Ladies 

God’s Lovely Ladies mission is to see every woman develop into the fullness of the virtuous woman God intended her to be. We love to worship together, pray together and simply have fun together! We also work to help our teenage girls develop into young women of purpose and power that exhibit respect, value and virtue in their everyday interactions. As sisters in the body, our goal is to continuously develop in Christ through promoting spiritual growth, accountable relationships, family unity and sisterhood as well as exhibiting the image and character of Jesus. One of the features of God’s Lovely Ladies is the “Lunch and Learn” where the women come together over lunch to be ministered to by noted women of God. God’s Lovely Ladies is led by our very own first lady, Lady Angela Wilder.

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