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About Dr. P. Ronald Wilder

Dr.  P. Ronald Wilder is the founder and senior pastor of Covenant Church International, a nondenominational and innovative church strategically located in the inner-city of Birmingham, Alabama.  Dr. Wilder has a passion for the heart and will of God.  He is anointed and gifted by God to preach, teach, and expound on the Word of God in a dramatically uncompromising way that is easily grasped and applied in day-to-day life. He is the author of “The ABC’s of Leadership,” an engaging and inspiring book that will help improve your performance and widen your perspective.
His revelatory insight into subjects such as Leadership, Spiritual Authority, Church Government and Protocol has brought much enlightenment to the Body of Christ.  Dr. Wilder is a 2002 graduate of Southwestern Christian University located in Bethany, Oklahoma, where he received his Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership. In 2007 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian College of Jacksonville, Florida.
As a leadership consultant and strategist, he has developed a company called P. Ronald Wilder Leadership, whose purpose is to develop and train leaders as well as to expose churches, businesses and the like to the proper leadership strategies, principles, and practices that will facilitate growth and enhancement.  He conducts leadership seminars and workshops for churches, consults leaders and is a sought after speaker for conferences and leadership meetings throughout the United States. The international aspect of Dr. Wilder’s ministry has taken him to both Africa and South America. In Africa, he visited the Republic of Kenya where he conducted leadership training for over 200 pastors and church leaders.  He also provides apostolic oversight to pastors, leaders and ministers through the network he founded, Covenant Leaders Ministerial Association.  He is recognized by his peers as a leadership specialist and a leader of leaders.
He is married to Angela Henley Wilder who also serves with him the ministry. He has three children, Bianca Stewart, Ronald, Jr. and Nathan Wilder

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